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How to decorate with plants this Christmas

M&S have everything you need to create that festive feeling this Christmas, from table arrangements to front door plants.

Plants are a fantastic way to decorate your home at Christmas. Beyond the traditional Christmas tree, plants offer natural colour and life during the darkest part of the year. With bursts of red, green and white, they can make all the difference in creating a festive atmosphere as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder.

Houseplants are increasingly popular, especially for those of us without much garden space, and there’s no reason why they can’t make a difference to your Christmas decorations.

Don’t forget the outside of your home, too. Wreaths and planters of holly and other seasonal flowers make a welcoming entrance for friends and family.

Bouquets, planters and other floral arrangements also make fantastic gifts, ideal for the season and an instantly gratifying treat for both gardening and non-gardening friends and family. M&S have a wide range of ready to arrange flowers this Christmas, so you can get creative and let your inner florist shine by arranging these blooms to reflect your unique style.

Whatever your taste, now’s the time to get orders in for plants from Marks and Spencer. Delivering their Christmas plants and flowers throughout the festive season, flower delivery from Marks and Spencer is always free, and you can pick a day that suits you.

What are the traditional Christmas plants?


Holly is a classic plant for Christmas decorations and you don’t need boughs of it to create an eye-catching display. It looks fantastic in planters on doorsteps as well as in wreaths, and is useful evergreen foliage in Christmas bouquets. In planters, it can offer a vital winter source of berries for birds, too. Holly is easy to care for, growing well in both sunlight and partial shade. It responds well to pruning, and it’s fully hardy, making it ideal for a variety of outdoor spaces.


Ivy is synonymous with this time of year, and provides tendrils of pretty evergreen heart-shaped foliage that look attractive in decorative swags, as well as wreaths. It needs very little care, just regular watering.


Mistletoe – the popular Victorian tradition of kissing underneath mistletoe has ensured that it’s remained a festive favourite. Hang bunches over doorways and use sprigs of it to brighten up wreaths and Christmas bouquets.


Poinsettias. Throughout December and January, poinsettias develop either deep red leaves that add a welcome splash of colour to brighten up your home, or wintry white foliage that looks fabulous with cool, contemporary colour schemes. To keep it looking great throughout the season plant in bright – but not direct – sunlight and wipe and mist the leaves regularly.


Cyclamen flower late in the year, which makes them ideal for Christmas. Cyclamens come in a range of festive colours, from deep reds to snow whites, or the glorious purples associated with Advent. Keep in a cool room (10-15°C) in bright but not direct sunlight – a north or east-facing windowsill is best.

How do I decorate indoors with Christmas plants?

The first step is to consider the lighting in your room. For a cosy, warm living room, try plants with darker hues of reds and purples, which will help add depth to a room. Alternatively, as the evenings draw in, white plants are a good way to brighten up a room. Consider seasonal scents too, like pine, orange and cinnamon. Bouquets offer the best of both worlds, when it comes to colour and scent, adding a feast for the senses throughout the house. Table arrangements are another fantastic way to elevate your Christmas decorations and make a statement on the big day.

How do I decorate outdoors with Christmas plants?

There’s a wide range of Christmas plants that are brilliant for outdoor decoration. Create the perfect entrance for visitors with wreaths on doors and garden gates. Planters of holly by a front door, or reindeer-themed planters in a front garden, are a sophisticated way to ring in the season, too.

How to decorate the inside of your home with Marks and Spencer

Large White Christmas Flower Basket

Large White Christmas Flower Basket | £40

There’s a wide range of Christmas plants that are brilliant for outdoor decoration. Create the perfect entrance for visitors with wreaths on doors and garden gates. Planters of holly by a front door, or reindeer-themed planters in a front garden, are a sophisticated way to ring in the season, too.

Ready To Arrange Red Table Arrangement

Ready To Arrange Red Table Arrangement | £35

This 32-stem table arrangement is great for making a statement at Christmas dinner. The sumptuous combination of rose, chrysanthemum and alstromeria create a style display that’s ready to arrange, so you can style it exactly as you’d like. It’s also plastic free, and as the wrapping is recyclable, to help you reduce waste.

Red Candle Flowers Table Arrangement

Red Candle Flowers Table Arrangement | £45

For big get-togethers, try these stunning candle centrepieces. They’re a great way to decorate a table, creating a festive focal point. They can also be used to light up nooks and mantelpieces, combining the light and festivity of red candles with the fragrances of pine and fir.

How to decorate the outside of your home with Marks & Spencer

Red Festive Wreath

Make Your Own Red Festive Wreath | £30

This wreath will make any home inviting with it’s fragrant foliage of mixed fir, pine, and eucalyptus, as well as the cosy scents of dried orange slices and bundles of cinnamon. It’s a relaxing craft project for those long winter evenings, or a fun activity to do with kids, who can really make the wreath their own.

Outdoor Reindeer Cyclamen Planter

Outdoor Reindeer Cyclamen Planter | £30

Cyclamen are a classic winter-flowering plant, offering a burst of vibrant colour on grey days. This warm red variety is well-suited to the season, and the tubers can be planted in the garden once the flowers die back, so you can enjoy them again next year. They come in a reindeer-shaped planter too, for a Christmassy feel, and because it’s made of twine, it’s reusable and compostable.

Luxury Holly Planter

Luxury Holly Planter | £60

Holly is as synonymous with Christmas as mistletoe and robins. This luxury planter has a young holly shrub, with cyclamen and trailing ivy planted at its roots. It’s the perfect planter for standing at a front door and welcoming guests to your home.

Giving plants as presents with Marks & Spencer

Winter White Flowers Bouquetta

Winter White Flowers Bouquetta | £35

This sophisticated bouquet is perfect for brightening up rooms. Its white roses and lisianthus are set off by silvery ozothamnus and eucalyptus. It also has spruce cones, for an extra wintery touch.

Christmas Cappuccino Bouquet

Christmas Cappuccino Bouquet | £35

For a more understated bouquet, try the Christmas Cappuccino bouquet. The subtle, dark scarlets of its red roses are perfect for blending into cosy rooms, while the pink cappuccino roses offer diffuse, candle-like warmth.

Christmas Jewel Flowers Bouquet

Christmas Jewel Flowers Bouquet | £40

We love the Christmas Jewel Flowers Bouquet. Strewn with chrysanthemums, carnations and spray stocks, the purple petals of this bouquet neatly reflect the symbolic colour of Advent.

Christmas Planted Basket

Christmas Planted Basket | £30

It’s not just bouquets that make good gifts. Planters will last longer than cut flowers and are a great option for eco-loving friends. This basket is loaded with bright plants like poinsettia and kalanchoe. The ivy can be planted out too, so you can either enjoy it as a houseplant or plant out and enjoy it in the garden.

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