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How to extend the lifespan of wooden features in your home and garden

Wood needs care, maintenance and protection to keep it healthy, nourished and looking good – thankfully, Barrettine is here to help

Quality wood, when well-cared for, can last a lifetime. Strong and versatile, it can bring charm, warmth and beauty to any space, which is why so many of us choose to use this material in our homes and gardens.

Still, like many things, wood needs some maintenance to keep it in the best condition for as long as possible, and this is where Bristol-based manufacturer, Barrettine can help.

With more than 145 years of history and expertise, Barrettine specialises in high-quality protective wood stains and treatments for professionals and consumers alike. All of its products are rigorously performance tested before being released, and regularly receive impressive five-star ratings. So, you know you can trust and rely on Barrettine’s range of premium wood care products for your next project.

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Why does wood need to be protected?

Someone brushing their fence with a wood protective product

Whether you have brand-new garden decking or a gorgeous outside oak extension waiting to welcome the light summer evenings, wood can rapidly deteriorate thanks to our unpredictable weather.

Without protection, wood is susceptible to moisture absorption when exposed to rain, while humidity can lead to the growth of unwanted fungi and bacteria. You may have even already come across black spots from mould and mildew growth, which can be the start of a larger problem that will lead to decay and rot that will start to crack, warp, and split the timber, weakening its structural integrity.

Unprotected wood can also be a target for wood-boring insects. These pests can cause significant damage by burrowing into the wood and compromising its strength. Sunlight’s damaging ultraviolet rays break down the lignin in wood, too, leading to a grey, unhealthy appearance over time.

The good news is, keeping wood healthly is easier when it’s had the necessary protection, which is where Barrettine comes in.

Treat it well

Barrettine's high-quality wood stains and treatments will ensure the integrity and longevity of all your wooden structures, both inside and out. Its deep penetrating oil-based formula provides superior protection to all timber structures, from wooden cladding, log cabins and garden offices to decking, gazebos and traditional sheds and fences.

What’s more, the high-quality resins provide superb water repellency and are complemented with UV fade-resistant pigments. And the natural oils are produced from linseed and soya to provide a lovely translucent finish that enriches the wood grain. Better still, this protection is easy to maintain and will not peel, flake, blister, or crack over time.

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Choosing the right product for you

Close-up shots of wooden decking coated in wood protective products

You’ll discover Barrettine has a wide range of products and treatments to choose from depending on your structure’s age, function and timber type. Most timber used in the home and garden is soft wood like pine, cedar, spruce and fir, as it’s cost-effective and easy to work with, plus it takes wood stains and treatments well due to the grain not being as dense as hardwood such as IPE, teak and mahogany.

It's also worth noting, pressure-treated wood, which usually has a greenish tint, reduces the need for immediate maintenance, but it's not maintenance-free and will require additional sealing or staining with a good wood protection treatment.

Barrettine’s Wood Protective Treatment and Nourish & Protect Premier Wood Preserver products

Protectors and preservers

As a rule of thumb, wood protectors are often used on pre-treated timbers, as they provide excellent protection against the elements, while wood preservers are great for protecting untreated timber from woodworm, insect attack and fungal decay, as well against general weathering.

Barrettine’s Wood Protective Treatment is ideal for pre-treated rough, sawn or smooth timber commonly used for sheds or fences. As a wood sealer, it contains water-repellent and UV-fade resistant resins for protection with a translucent finish that doesn’t hide the grain.

This best-seller reduces wood decay, swelling and twisting, and it contains a film biocide to aid the prevention of the growth of mould and algae – it’s insecticide-free though, so it’s insect-friendly, once dry.

To protect wooden structures such as summer houses, balcony railings, carports, doors, windows and external joinery from wood boring insects, wet rotting fungi and blue stain, try Barrettine’s Nourish & Protect Premier Wood Preserver. This oil-based, low odour preserver deeply penetrates the wood, offering long-lasting UV protection from decay, infestation and weathering.

Both the protective treatment and preserver come in a range of attractive colours.

Barrettine’s All-in-One Decking Oil and Premier Anti-Slip Decking Oil products

Annual treatments

Garden decking can quickly become worn and weathered, so it’ll really benefit from an annual treatment. For pressure-treated timber or pre-preserved wood, Barrettine’s All-in-One Decking Oil offers protection by repelling water, UV-rays and preventing mould. The non-flaking, translucent finish can be used on deck boards, deck tiles and balustrades and is available in six natural shades.

Barrettine’s Premier Anti-Slip Decking Oil is a great follow-on product. Applied as a topcoat, this award-winning product improves grip on decking, handrails and wooden steps. It also contains a UV stabiliser, which helps to slow discolouration and provides further protection against water, mould and fungus on particularly slippery surfaces.

Barrettine’s Log Cabin & Complete Decking Treatment and Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil products

Superior finishes

Barrettine’s Log Cabin & Complete Decking Treatment, as the name suggests, is specifically formulated to oil and protect log cabins, decking boards, deck tiles and balustrades made from pre-treated, pressure-treated or preservative-impregnated timber. It will also deliver a superior finish to sheds, huts and fencing.

Barrettine’s Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil takes this one step further. One of its newest products for superior wood protection, it’s been specifically designed for higher-end wood types such as cedar, larch and oak, which may feature on your exterior cladding, garden office or gazebo.

Formulated with a careful balance of UV absorbers and antioxidants, it can capture damaging UV rays from the sun and dissipate them safely away as heat. In turn, this will avert any greying and hinders swelling, shrinkage, splitting and warping of wooden surfaces. The inclusion of performance-tested resins also means it will resist water and dirt, reducing the chances of discolouration from fungal attacks. The overall result is healthy timber with an extended service life and reduced maintenance expense.

Barrettine’s top tips for wood care

Choose the right type of wood for the job, then clean it with a biocidal cleaner to eliminate any mould spores and apply a wood protective treatment or stain


Clean it regularly and try to keep moisture away by elevating it from the ground, where possible, and trimming any overhanging branches


Inspect it regularly for any damage, and apply fungicides and insecticides as needed and reapply any protective finishes periodically


When it comes to hardware, use long-lasting stainless steel or galvanised materials

Maintain, nourish and protect your wooden features

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