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How to make your garden look like it’s been done by a professional

Thanks to Einhell, it’s easy to keep your garden in beautiful condition throughout the new season and beyond

As we edge closer towards the warm months of spring and summer, you’re probably already dreaming about those long, lazy days spent relaxing in your garden. And, while you’ll want to keep your outdoor space looking its best, you’re no doubt a lot less excited about the hours of maintenance you’ll have to put in to prevent your greenery from overgrowing.


With this in mind, Einhell has launched its award-winning Lawn and Garden range for 2021. Einhell is one of Germany’s market leaders when it comes to creating innovative, cordless gardening tools that are built for precision, power and ease of use. So, it should come as no surprise that every item in this battery-powered range boasts a sleek design and is incredibly safe and comfortable to use, without compromising on efficiency. That means you can spend more time enjoying your garden, than upkeeping it!

The new collection features everything from multi-purpose handheld tools to a state-of-the-art lawnmower, so there’s something for every outdoor space, no matter how big or small.

Ready to experience a better way of gardening? Check out the full Einhell range.

Why go cordless?

As the world moves further into the age of electronics, it’s only natural that gardening should follow suit. After all, you wouldn’t use a telephone with a cord any more, so why settle for old-fashioned gardening tools?

Going cordless has many advantages, the most obvious being that cordless tools offer greater flexibility and portability, especially when they’re as sleek as Einhell’s. They’re also a practical way to garden more safely, since there aren’t any hazardous wires to trip over. Plus, because you won’t have the tedious tasking of detangling cords, you’ll be able to store your machinery much more easily and efficiently.

It’s good news for the planet too. Because the equipment is battery powered, you won’t have to rely on petrol for heavy duty machinery such as your lawnmower, which means you’ll be playing your part in becoming more sustainable – and you’ll also save money on fuel.

Forward thinking solutions

Einhell Power X-Change battery pack

Every piece of equipment in the cordless Einhell Lawn and Garden 2021 range operates using the pioneering Power-X-Change battery system, which was recently recognised as ‘Best in Class’ by Germany’s most renowned consumer testing house, Stiftung Warentest.

One of the best things about the Power-X-Change system is that it allows you to share the same 18-volt battery between any compatible pieces in the ever-expanding Einhell range. This means you won’t have to buy a new battery every time you purchase a new tool. Simply switch your battery between your equipment as and when you need to, and then plug it in to charge at the end of the day.

Of course, this one-battery-fits-all approach doesn’t mean you have to make any compromises on power. Thanks to Einhell’s Twin Pack Technology, you’ll be able to combine two batteries packs in any one piece of equipment to a reach an impressive 36 volts, should you need it.

Excited about the possibilities Einhell can offer you?

Here are just a few of the incredible tools from the Lawn and Garden range for 2021…

The GE-CG 18/100 Li-Solo Handheld Tool

The GE-CG 18/100 Li-Solo Handheld Tool

This nifty hand-held tool offers multiple functions in one, making it a convenient alternative to pruning saws or garden shears. It comes with two different blades, including a grass-cutting blade and a shrub shears blade, which you can easily switch out depending on the task at hand.

With a soft grip designed for flexible, comfortable movement, plus a covered gear house that protects the motor during use, this is a staple tool you’ll use time and again.

The AGILLO 18/200 Cordless Brush Cutter

The AGILLO 18/200 Cordless Brush Cutter

This cordless brush cutter is a heavy-duty grass trimmer, designed specifically to tackle areas of long overgrown grass, course weeds and rough patches of vegetation. The battery-powered front motor ensures optimum power transmission and weight distribution, for seamless cutting that provides an even finish every time.

Thanks to its practical design, this model features a two-pronged bike handle that’s easily adjustable for comfort, as well as a high-quality harness for maximum safety.

The GE-CM 18/33 Li Kit Lawnmower

The GE-CM 18/33 Li Kit Lawnmower

Equipped with a sturdy, impact-resistant plastic shell and a long, padded handle that can be folded for storage, the new Einhell Lawnmower is an effortless way to achieve a perfectly striped lawn every time.

The large, flexible wheels are specially designed to provide seamless movement without damaging your grass. There’s also a generously sized grass box and a level indicator, so you’ll know exactly it needs emptying.

The GE-CH 1846 Li Kit 2.0 Hedge Trimmer

The GE-CH 1846 Li Kit 2.0 Hedge Trimmer

This ergonomic hedge trimmer may be compact, but it still packs a punch, and is ideal for keeping your garden’s borders looking neat and tidy. Just as all Einhell tools are designed with safety as a priority, this hedge trimmer features an integrated switch that can stop the blades in less than one second when released. It also comes with a sturdy cutter guard for safe transportation and storage.

The GE-HC 18 Li T Kit Multitool

The GE-HC 18 Li T Kit Multitool

If you’ve got limited storage space but plenty to do around the garden, then this is the Einhell tool for you. The handle, handgrip and motor head can all be easily adjusted to suit your trimming and pruning needs.

What’s more, the adjustable telescopic handle can rotate a full 90 degrees, which offers the ultimate flexibility for ease of use, and will help you achieve effortless horizontal cuts every time.

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