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Someone applying wood protectant to their shed

How to protect the wood in your garden like a pro

Experts in wood care since 1879, Barrettine’s superb range of protectants and preservers can help give your garden a new lease of life

Let’s be honest, changing your garden fence isn’t the easiest task. Thankfully when you choose Barrettine you’ll ensure your investment lasts as long as possible. That’s because these high-quality wood treatments go a long way to ensuring wooden structures around your home and in your garden will last a lifetime. It also means you won’t have to spend hundreds or potentially thousands of pounds replacing everything from fences to expensive timber buildings that have decayed or rotted.

Barrettine’s range of protectants and preservers

Which treatment should you choose?

When it comes to choosing the right wood care product, there are a few things you should take into consideration, with the age, function and timber type of your structure being the most important. As a rule of thumb, wood protectors – often used on pre-treated timbers – protect against the elements, while wood preservers defend timber against woodworm, insect attack and fungal decay.

Someone applying wood protectant to their decking

Barrettine Protective Treatment

For pre-treated rough, sawn or smooth timber, try Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment. A top choice for sheds and fences, this best-selling wood protector contains water-repellent and UV-fade resistant resins, creating a transparent finish that won’t hide the timber’s unique character. The formula also contains a film biocide that prevents surface growth of mould or algae, also helping to reduce wood decay, swelling and twisting. Perhaps most importantly, Barrettine Protective Treatment is free from insecticides, so it’s completely wildlife-friendly once dry.

Barrettine Nourish & Protect Wood Preserver

If wood boring insects, wet rotting fungi or blue stain are a problem, Barrettine’s Nourish & Protect Wood Preserver can help. This oil-based, low-odour treatment deeply penetrates timber to offer long-lasting protection from decay and infestations. It also comes in eight colours, including a clear finish, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Someone applying decking oil to their decking

Barrettine All-in-One Decking Oil Treatment

Wood decking is a great way to elevate your outdoor space, but it can become worn and weathered over time. For pressure-treated or pre-preserved timber, the All-in-One Decking Oil repels water and UV light, while also protecting against surface mould. Perfect for deck boards, deck tiles and balustrades, it’s available in six natural shades that will complement just about any garden colour scheme.

Once you’ve finished treating the wood, make sure to apply Barrettine’s Anti-Slip Decking Oil as a top-coat. This award-winning formula improves grip on decking, handrails and wooden steps. It also contains a UV stabiliser that slows discolouration and provides further protection against water, mould and fungus on surfaces that are particularly slippery.

Someone applying wood preserver to their shed

Protect and preserve

From potting sheds and luxurious log cabins to picket fences and table and chair sets, there’s no denying that wooden structures really can make your home and garden sing. But when they’re left to wear, it can be easy to fall out of love with them. Wood is robust and resilient, but ongoing care and maintenance will do wonders for its longevity. So, whether you’re in the midst of a spring spruce-up or a bigger restoration project, let Barrettine’s oil-based wood treatments help nourish and protect your wooden structures and furniture.

Barrettine’s range of protectants and preservers

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Barrettine | Trusted by the professionals