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Plan outdoor projects in no time with the new Marshalls app

With Marshalls’ garden and driveway visualiser app, you can view, measure and cost up projects with ease

When it comes to changing your outdoor space, it’s usually cheaper to renovate than relocate – and these investments can often add value to your home. At first, projects like repaving your garden patio or driveway may seem hard to navigate, but Marshalls makes them feel much easier with its new visualiser app. While it’s still best to contact a professional for a more detailed quote, the app is a valuable tool in the initial planning phase, when you might be waiting a few months for a landscaper to come and make an assessment.

The visualiser is the latest innovation from Marshalls that helps you to see how different surfaces will look in your space. This way, you can find inspiration or test out ideas for yourself, before getting anyone else involved. Take the augmented reality sampling tool on the Marshalls website, for example. This smart function allows you to view many of the paving products outside your own home, using 3D virtual samples.

Now, the brand is taking the same technology one step further by letting you plan and visualise full projects using its simple app.

How does the app work?

Designed with speed and ease in mind, the new app has three key features:

Visualisation of a garden patio on the Marshalls app

1. Visualise Marshalls products on your patio or driveway using your phone camera, so you can test out various surfaces, colours and laying patterns.

Visualisation of a garden patio on the Marshalls app

2. Measure your space on your phone screen to work out how much paving you’ll need for a more accurate quote.

Visualisation of a garden patio on the Marshalls app

3. Get a quote for a rough total cost of the project, based on average UK installation prices per m2.

Not only will the app instantly bring your vision to life, but it will also help you choose the best product to suit your budget. Plus, if you want to try before you buy, you’ll be able to request a sample, or even find a local installer to help make your dream a reality.

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