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DuraPost® by Birkdale
Garden decking, chair and veranda windows

The garden fencing you’ll be proud to show off

DuraPost by Birkdale gives you fencing without boundaries, perfectly complementing the style of your home and garden

The past two years have probably given you more opportunities than ever before to update your home and garden, tailoring them to your taste and style, and making them a place you can really take pride in. And when you’ve invested all that time, money and effort into crafting the perfect spaces both indoors and out, something like fencing can sometimes feel like an afterthought.

But including DuraPost’s fencing in your garden design plans now can pay off long into the future in terms of both durability and style. What’s more, if your fencing didn’t fare too well during the recent storms, there’s no better time to replace those damaged garden borders with DuraPost, which you can rest assured is built to last.

DuraPost is much more than a functional boundary for your home. It can be an extension of your personal taste and aesthetic, with plenty of colour and style options to suit the style of your home and garden. Read on to find out just what makes DuraPost the right solution for you.

Garden with fencing, patio, table and chairs

Built to last

Innovation is at the core of DuraPost, which is why its new composite solution, the ‘Vento’, is more durable, and better equipped to face the elements, than ever before. Created with a blend of wood and plastic composite made from up to 70% recycled materials, the fencing panels are more durable than traditional ones.

And because the composite material is naturally resistant to rot, splitting, warping, and cracking, you’ll never need to paint, treat or stain them, so you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space with friends and family, and less time maintaining your fence.

Not only that, but the fence posts themselves are made from galvanised steel that’s lighter, stronger and more stylish than concrete, and are also maintenance-free. In fact, DuraPost is so confident in their durability that they come with a 25-year guarantee.

Dream it, do it

As someone who sees their garden as an extension of their home, why not design your dream outdoor space with a bit of help from the DuraPost FenceBuilder app? To see your ideas come to life, simply download the FenceBuilder app from your preferred app store or click below to get started.


Garden with fencing, patio, table and chairs

Styles to suit

Got to know your neighbours a little better after spending more time at home? If you are partial to a bit of over-the-fence chat, it makes sense for your fence to be something you enjoy looking at.

Every DuraPost element and attachment comes in a range of colours and effects. So, whether you prefer a traditional wood-like finish, or something sleeker and metallic to impress your friends when you’re hosting a garden party this summer, you can create exactly the look you want.

DuraPost is available from independent timber and fence suppliers and UK-wide merchants including Wickes, Travis Perkins and Jewsons. Install it yourself or take advantage of the network of DuraPost-trained installers across the UK and Ireland.


Garden fencing, patio and chairs

When your garden matters, choose a DuraPost fence