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'Vanessa Bell' root roses

Why winter is the perfect time of year to plant bare root roses in your garden

The excitement of a thriving summer garden could be closer than you think with David Austin Roses

Picture this: it’s golden hour on a midsummer’s evening and a warm, yellow glow of sunlight spills across your garden. Bold and beautiful apricot-coloured and pink-hued English roses pepper the borders flanking the lawn.

In the midst of autumn, when the rusty leaves begin to fall and the temperature cools, such a vibrant summer scene can feel far out of reach. But with David Austin Roses, if you start preparing now, you can make sure your garden returns to a joyous full bloom when the time comes – after all, it’s never too early to get your hands dirty!

'Bring Me Sunshine' root roses

The planet-kind way to plant

While this time of year brings the promise of cosy evenings by the fireplace, your garden might not be quite as inviting. Settling roots into the soil in autumn, however, gives them the best chance to establish beneath the surface, so it pays to start your winter planting season as early as November.

During the colder months, roses naturally become dormant and can be bought as ‘bare root roses’, roses in this state are referred to as ‘bare root roses’. And as well as being the traditional way of planting, bare roots are less expensive than potted roses and are surprisingly easier to handle. They’ll establish quickly in your garden and flower into a gorgeous display in their first year.

As the name suggests, the bare roots from David Austin Roses will arrive container-free, meaning there’s no plastic or compost used. Better still, the outer packaging is fully recyclable, too. You can order them for delivery between November and April, meaning they’ll be ready for when spring begins to stir.

Someone wearing wellies planting some root roses in a garden

Take your pick

Choose your favourite roses from an ever-growing range of varieties and colours. New to the David Austin collection this year, the ‘Dannahue’ creates an upright and bushy shrub that flowers with great verve. This rose has a luscious scent with notes of lemon, lychees and fresh apricots.

The ‘Penelope Lively’, meanwhile, blooms in varying shades of pink that fade to a lavender hue over time. Elegant and bright, it carries a classic rose fragrance with twists of raspberry, lemon and a whisper of myrrh. If you’re looking for a quintessential English summertime rose, this is it.

Whether you prefer the rich blooms of ‘Golden Celebration’, the buttery hues of ‘Vanessa Bell’ or the sunset shades of ‘Bring Me Sunshine’, each of these English roses has a wonderfully unique character that will undoubtedly brighten up your garden.

From left to right: 'Bring Me Sunshine' root roses; 'Golden Celebration' root roses; 'Vanessa Bell' root roses
A bucket containing root roses and a compostable bag

Autumn action plan

To ensure your flowers flourish, David Austin Roses has put together a handy step-by-step guide to planting bare root roses in your garden this autumn. This includes valuable insights on watering, soaking and preparing the soil ready for a bountiful summer display.

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