Modern climbing rose Rosa 'Pippin'Modern climbing rose Rosa 'Pippin'
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Bursting with vitality, the Kaleidoscopic Cosmos Collection offers wonderfully fluffy and fern-like foliage from March through to October. Daisy-like flowers are then held on strong, slender stems from July through to October, with warming hues which are ideal for a sunny border. The collection includes Cosmos ‘Rubenza’, Cosmos ‘Xanthos’, Cosmos ‘Tango’, Cosmos ‘Sweet Sixteen’, and Cosmos ‘Sensation Purity’.

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Enjoy a 10% saving on the entire Thompson & Morgan sweet pea range. Plant in pots and borders to brighten the garden and fill it with fragrance, or enjoy as cut flowers in your home.

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£19.99 £29.99 x 120 plug plants

Begonia Sahara Mix will fill your summer garden with fabulous flowers and beautiful colours from May through to November and produce clusters of small, delicate flowers in stunning shades of red, pink, and white colours that stand proud on top of attractive bronze and green foliage.

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£24.95 £40.95

Grow delicious potatoes effortlessly with the Complete Patio Potato Growing Selection. No need for allotments or back-breaking digging, just add compost and water, and soon you'll be savouring your own fresh harvest! The selection includes three different varieties of seed potatoes ('Charlotte,' 'Pentland Javelin,' and 'Desiree'), along with three heavy-duty, reusable Grow Pots and a 1kg pack of potato fertilizer.

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