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Perennial plant offers

Perennials are the stalwarts of our garden borders – they provide colourful flowers in the garden, year after year. Mostly flowering in spring, summer or autumn, with a handful blooming in winter, they're mainly herbaceous, dying back in autumn and regrowing in spring, offering fantastic value for money.

Whether you’ve got your eye on a rudbeckia or you’ve been checking out a cosmos, or maybe you’re just looking for a great deal, this month BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine readers can save 20% when shopping with our partner Hayloft. Based in Worcestershire, this established nursery offers a wide range of unique and rare bulbs, perennials, annuals and shrubs – the perfect reason to try something new today.

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Offer Ends:
£9.95 £15 Supplied as 3 x 9cm pots

This compact variety has tighter flower clusters and a more intense purple-blue colour than the standard Verbena bonariensis. It blooms from mid-summer to autumn frost and is perfect for smaller gardens, borders and containers.

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Offer Ends:
£19.99 £44.91 Supplied as 9 x 9cm pots.

Each collection contains a mix of 9 named plants specially selected from our nursery to give you a wonderful perennial garden. Our dedicated team will ensure that you get a good selection of plants which will complement each other. A brilliant way to add colour to your garden for many years to come.

Offer Ends:
£6.49 £12.99

Add year-round interest to your garden with these half-price ferns, including Japanese Lace Fern, Copper shield Fern, and Dryopteris 'Cristata The King'.

Offer Ends:
from £34.99 Supplied in 5L pots.

A popular sight in Cornwall, pride of Madeira, Echium candicans, is perfect for adding a touch of drama to both exotic and cottage garden settings, as well as a large greenhouse or conservatory. Like all echiums, its flowers are adored by bees and other pollinators.

Offer Ends:
£14.97 £29.97 Supplied as 3 x jumbo plugs.

An unusual woodland perennial with red stems and dark foliage, bearing striking blue tubular, scented flowers from late spring into summer.

Offer Ends:
£14.97 £38.97 Supplied as 3 x 9cm pots

Add a dramatic touch to your garden from late spring to summer with Primula vialii, known for its statuesque spikes of lavender flowers with a pronounced red tip. Perfect for beds, borders, and patio pots, these unique flowers thrive in partly shaded areas and are ideal for moist, damp, and boggy soil.

Offer Ends:
£14.99 £29.99 Supplied as 3 x garden-ready plants in 7cm pots (1 of each variety). Plus FREE plant food (25g).

Beautiful, fragrant, drought tolerant and bee-friendly, these English lavenders are easy to grow in a sunny spot, in pots and borders. Collection includes Lavender Blue Scent, Lavender White summer, and Lavender Valence Dark Violet.

Offer Ends:
£14.99 Supplied as 3 x 7cm pots.

A remarkable hardy Gerbera collection that is just waiting to impress with a range of bright, zingy colours. The traditional favourite has become even more outstanding with bigger flowers and even longer lasting performance. Fantastically versatile, we love planting them in traditional terracotta pots, in the sun, or at the front of well-drained borders.

Offer Ends:
£0 £23.97 *Just pay £5.95 postage. Supplied as 9 Jumbo Plug Plants (1 of each variety).

The perfect collection for foxglove fanatics, the Digitalis Collection contains nine biennial and perennial varieties in all their incarnations from the exotic and fiery Digitalis obscura ‘Dusky Maid’ to the soft spires of ‘Apricot Beauty’. The Digitalis Collection adds colour and vertical accents to borders in early summer, instantly evoking that romantic, cottage-garden look.

Ends in:
£18.99 £23.99 Supplied as 3 garden-ready plants (1 of each) in 7cm pots. Plus FREE plant food (25g)

This Echinacea Lakota Collection offer includes one plant each of Lakota Red, Lakota Rose and Lakota Yellow. Each variety brings its own unique charm to your outdoor space with a mixture of soft, warm and vibrant tones. These robust perennials are not only a feast for the eyes but will also attract butterflies and bees, adding life and colour to your garden. Perfect for borders, beds or containers, the Echinacea Lakota Collection is ready to make a statement with minimal effort.

Offer Ends: