Penstemon ‘Raven’
Perennial plant offers

Perennials are the stalwarts of our garden borders – they provide colourful flowers in the garden, year after year. Mostly flowering in spring, summer or autumn, with a handful blooming in winter, they're mainly herbaceous, dying back in autumn and regrowing in spring, offering fantastic value for money.

£4.99 £11.99 x 3 jumbo plug plants

Vibrant tubular flowers appear in summer above a flush of semi-evergreen foliage. The long-lasting blooms continue well into autumn, long after other plants have run out of steam.

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A superb range selected for performance and reliability to fill your garden with scent, texture and vibrant colour year after year. Offer valid across entire website.

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Select from a range of extra large 5L mature potted plants for instant garden impact and receive free delivery, plus save £22.94 when you buy any three.

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£19.98 £25.98 60 bulbs, plus free feed

Brighten dark winter days with the beautiful and cheering blooms of snowdrops and winter aconites, both appearing in late winter, flowering into spring, even when snow is on the ground.

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£29.97 £39.96 4 x 2L pots

Enjoy swathes of gorgeous colour, texture and movement from this selection of beautiful grasses. Perfect for prairie-style planting or mixed perennial borders.

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£19.99 £39.99 For 12 potted plants, plus free feed

You'll receive a special seasonal selection of premium hardy perennials from the nursery. Each plant will be named on arrival. Plus, you'll receive free feed worth £2.99 with your order.

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£14.99 £24.98 For 6 plug plants

An incredible range of vibrantly coloured primroses with clusters of large, lightly scented double flowers, for a lovely bright splash of spring colour. Ideal for naturalising, they'll grow happily in sun or shade.

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£26.97 £53.94 For six 1L pots

Brighten up your garden border with this pretty white balloon flower. Its large, eye-catching bell-shaped flowers are on display from early to late summer. Happy in sun or partial shade.

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£18 £38 For 3 potted plants (1 of each)

Brighten up shady areas with this collection of three hardy perennials that thrive in poor light. With staggered flowering, you'll enjoy colour and texture from May to November.

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£19.98 £41.97 Supplied as bare-roots

With exotic lily-like blooms in an array of vibrant hues, these Peruvian lilies will add a bright splash of colour to borders and pots throughout summer and autumn. They also make excellent, long-lasting cut flowers.

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£25.98 £51.96 Four 3L pots

Enjoy delicate flower sprays on tall stems above lacy foliage from June to July. Elegant yet strong, these graceful perennials will thrive in sun or partially-shaded borders.

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£14.97 £29.97 For 3 potted plants

Ideal for the front of tropical borders, this striking rich red ornamental deciduous grass will add a bold statement to your garden in summer and autumn.

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