House plants can help make any indoor space more beautiful. Growing and taking care of house plants can also offer mood-boosting benefits.


BBC Gardeners' World Magazine has collaborated with digital educational platform, FutureLearn to bring you a brand new online gardening course, Healthy House Plants: A Complete Guide to Gardening Indoors. This four-week online course has been designed so you can learn at your own pace, to provide you with tips and advice on growing indoor plants and taking you on a world journey, exploring exotic plants.

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Your course instructor

Associate editor David Hurrion shares his gardening expertise
Associate Editor, David Hurrion shares his gardening expertise

Led by expert tutor and Associate Editor, David Hurrion, who will share his 50 years of gardening experience, bringing his skills to you online, so you can learn from him in the comfort of your own home.

I've gardened since I was a child and went on to train in horticulture, education and journalism. Growing plants is part of my life, and I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience.
David Hurrion

What's covered in this course?

Week 1: What will you grow?

  • Why grow plants indoors?
  • Ornamental house plants
  • Growing plants for food
  • Creativity with house plants

Week 2: Growing conditions and the indoor environment

  • Origins of common house plants and their natural habitats
  • The pros and cons of the indoor environment
  • Different rooms of the house / Growing environments
  • Evaluating the growing conditions within a room

Week 3: Caring for your house plants

  • Choosing suitable containers for house plants
  • Compost for house plants
  • Watering methods and suitability for different plants
  • Maintenance and ongoing plant care

Week 4: Making more plants and problem solving

  • Filling your home with more plants
  • Methods of raising new plants
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Recap: what you've learned

Course registration and cost

There are three options for registering for this course:

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