Snowdrops and winter aconites
Plants for winter colour offers

Winter may not be the season you spend most of your time in the garden, but that doesn't mean it can't be filled with colour and interest - if only to be viewed from the window. Enjoy bursts of colour from winter aconites, snowdrops, pansies, hellebores and wonderfully fragrant shrubs daphne, witch hazel, winter honeysuckle and many more.

£7.49 £14.99 10 x garden ready plants

A superb hardy primrose that will provide you with stunning warm colours from autumn through winter until spring. Enjoy gorgeous shades of fiery red and yellow flowers.

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£9.56 £11.95 For 8 bulbs

Enjoy the sweet fragrance and beautiful blooms of this indoor bulb collection this winter. Collection includes hyacinths 'Pink Pearl' and White Pearl' and Narcissus 'Avalanche'.

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Light up your home this winter with a burst of bold blooms from a beautiful amaryllis. They're easy to grow and make excellent cut flowers for a striking seasonal vase.

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£19.98 £25.98 60 bulbs, plus free feed

Brighten dark winter days with the beautiful and cheering blooms of snowdrops and winter aconites, both appearing in late winter, flowering into spring, even when snow is on the ground.

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£19.99 £44.97 For 30 garden-ready plants

Flowering non-stop from December through to late May every year, this incredibly prolific variety bearsbright fragrant blooms on strong stems against luscious deep green foliage.

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£19.97 £44.97 30 garden ready plants, plus free feed

A trio of winter favourites comprising pansies, primroses and wallflowers will add a welcome splash of colour to winter gardens, providing cheery blooms for pots and borders from Oct-Apr.

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£18 £42 For 3 potted plants

Fill your garden with fragrance with this beautiful Christmas box. Evergreen, glossy foliage holds dainty, white, highly perfumed flowers in the depths of winter. Followed by glossy red berries that mature to black.

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£14.99 £29.98 for 20 garden-ready plants

Fill baskets and pots with pansies to lift winter gloom. This improved variety of an old favourite bears gently cascading, extra-large flowers in a mixture of yellow, purple and red hues from Sep-Mar.

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£38.25 £45 Part 3: Fri 21 Oct

Take the headache out of pruning and enjoy healthier plants with this three-part series, with live Q&As, plus course handouts. Parts one and two viewable On-Demand.

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