Snowdrops and winter aconites
Plants for winter colour offers

Winter may not be the season you spend most of your time in the garden, but that doesn't mean it can't be filled with colour and interest - if only to be viewed from the window. Enjoy bursts of colour from winter aconites, snowdrops, pansies, hellebores and wonderfully fragrant shrubs daphne, witch hazel, winter honeysuckle and many more.

£18.95 £24.95 Supplied in 4.5ltr pots ready to plant out

From late winter to early spring, large white, peony-form flowers with a golden boss of stamens, appear on this handsome, evergreen shrub. This reasonably fast-growing plant has an upright habit and can be used as a stand-alone specimen or incorporated into a mixed or shrub border. These shrubs are currently full of blooms with lots more buds ready to open into the spring!

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£7.99 £12.99 1 x 2L pot with 60cm cane

This beautiful winter flowering Jasmine is a completely reliable and easy to grow shrub that will fill your garden with colour in the depths of the dreariest months of the year. If space is limited in your garden, Winter Jasmine can even be grown in large patio pots and containers.

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