Create a Garden Pulley System

How to create a garden pulley system

Create a fun pulley system in your garden, with the help of this handy guide.

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This fun garden pulley comes with its own cable car attached.

It’s cheap and very simple to make, but will provide hours of entertainment. Kids can use it to shuttle their toys, snacks and other paraphernalia back and forth across the garden, and if you’ve got a big garden, it’ll come in handy for ferrying bits and bobs from one end to the other. The rope will also double up as a washing line.

It’s worth going for a tough rope like sisal rope, which is strong, doesn’t stretch and is made from natural, biodegradable fibres from agave plants.

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Follow these easy steps to create your own garden pulley system.

This fun garden pulley comes with its own cable car attached.

You Will Need

  • Wall plates with hooks (Two)
  • Pulleys (Two)
  • Sisal rope (Around 30m)
  • Twine
  • S-hook
  • Tin can

Total time:

Step 1

Screw the two wall plates securely onto opposite posts, walls or fences, making sure that there is a straight and unobstructed run between them. Then attach a pulley onto each plate’s hook.


Step 2

Thread the rope around each pulley. Check the rope isn’t twisted and knot the ends to form a loop. Keep the rope taut or the ‘cable car’ will hang too low. Attach the S-hook to it.


Step 3

Drill three evenly spaced holes around the rim of an old, clean tin. File off any jagged edges, then tie a 30cm length of twine through each hole and knot them together to create a handle. Finally, tie the twine to the S-hook, where the rope is joined together.



Vertical pulley systems

You can also use pulleys to create a vertical system – perfect for treehouses!

Wooden garden trug