How to make a mini-greenhouse

How to make a mini-greenhouse

We show you how to upcycle an old wine box to create a mini-greenhouse.

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A wall-mounted mini-greenhouse will protect seedlings and cuttings from cold weather without taking up too much space. You can make your own mini-greenhouse, using an old wooden wine box and an acrylic sheet.

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Follow these easy steps to build your own mini-greenhouse.


You Will Need

  • Wooden wine box
  • Acrylic (one sheet)
  • Wood stain
  • Exterior glue
  • Hinges (two small)
  • Wooden door knob
  • Half-round moulding (4m strip)
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Stanley knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws (four)

Total time:

Step 1

Using a hammer, gently tap out one end of the wine box and remove any nails. Keep the end section as you will need to use it later.

Removing nails from the wine box
Removing nails from the wine box

Step 2

Make a sloping roof by measuring 3cm down from the top front corner of each side of the box and drawing a straight line from there to the top back corner. Cut along each line, using a handsaw.

Making a sloping roof
Making a sloping roof

Step 3

Cut off two 1.5cm strips from the end section of the box that you removed earlier. Glue one strip halfway up each side of the box to create a shelf support. When the glue has dried, paint the box and the strip of half-round moulding.

Glueing in shelf supports
Glueing in shelf supports

Step 4

Using the dimensions of your wine box as a template, cut out pieces of acrylic sheet for the door, roof and shelf of your greenhouse with a Stanley knife. Allow a small overhang for the roof.

Cutting the acrylic sheet to make a door
Cutting the acrylic sheet to make a door

Step 5

Cut strips of half-round moulding to fit around the edges of the acrylic door and roof and glue them in place.

Sticking moulding to the acrylic
Sticking moulding to the acrylic

Step 6

Glue the roof in place. Once it has dried, rest the box on its back and attach the hinges to the main casing using the wood screws. Attach the hinges to the door. Glue the door knob in place.

Attaching hinges to the door
Attaching hinges to the door

If you need more space, hang two or three boxes together. Choose a bright spot away from frost pockets and cold winds.

Stack of pots. Photo: Getty Images.