How to make a pebble mosaic path

Learn how to make a pebble mosaic garden path, with our garden DIY advice.

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Pebble mosaic makes the perfect surface for stepping stones to create an informal path in areas of lawn or gravel. It is not only decorative but  durable, and protects grass from wear and tear.

Watch our video guide to making a brick garden path.

Rounded tactile pebbles and slate in earthy shades produce natural-looking effects and appealing textures that will add interest to any stretch of lawn.

Pebble mosaic makes the perfect surface for stepping stones .

You Will Need

  • Pebbles (2-3cm diameter)
  • Slate chippings
  • Ready-mixed cement (bag)
  • Tub trug (26 litre)
  • Steel mesh, pieces large enough to fit base of trug

Step 1

Mix the cement according to the instructions. Put a smooth layer of the mix over the bottom of the trug.

Step 2

Place a piece of mesh on top of the cement then add another layer of the mixture.

Step 3

Press the pebbles into the cement to form a pattern.

Step 4

Leave the cement to set overnight before removing the stepping stone.

Step 5

Put the stepping stone into position, and cut into the lawn around it with an old kitchen knife.

Step 6

Remove the circle of lawn and press the stepping stone into place.


Use stepping stones in well-trodden areas of grass to keep the lawn looking at its best.