Dig a pond

How to make a wildlife pond

Follow our step-by-step guide to making a wildlife pond, and planting it up.

A pond is one of the most beneficial habitats you can create in a garden. Virtually all garden wildlife will use it – birds will drink and bathe in it, amphibians, dragonflies, damselflies, pond skaters, water boatmen and a whole host of other invertebrates will breed in it. Mammals will drink from a pond, too. Every garden should have one and not just for the wildlife – they’re so much fun for us!

In this No Fuss video guide, wildlife expert Kate Bradbury looks at the main elements needed when creating a wildlife pond in a garden. She looks at the importance of sloping sides, a wide range of pond plants plus the need for dense, low-growing foliage around the pond to provide shelter for emerging wildlife:

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