Making a Christmas candle holder

Watch this video No Fuss guide to find out how to create a festive candle holder.

There are lots of Christmas decorations you can create using materials from the garden. In this video No Fuss Guide, Kevin Smith, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine shows you how to do this using colourful cornus stems, an old flower pot and some small pebbles. When finished, pop in a tea light and enjoy the cosy glow.

Making a Christmas candle holder: transcript

There’s nothing lovelier than candlelight at Christmas, and I’m going to show you how to make a simple tealight holder from things you’ll find in the garden.

Start with a small terracotta pot like this one and take a rubber band and put it around the centre of the pot. It needs to be quite tight, but don’t worry if it looks a bit scruffy because it will be disguised by the time we get to the end of the project.

Now take short pieces of twig. I’ve used colourful cornus. What you need to do is just slot them underneath the rubber band, so they sit tightly against the pot. Put them close to each other, so they’re very tightly side by side. Work your entire way around the pot. Once the pot is covered with twigs, it’s time to disguise the rubber band and I’m going to do that by covering it up with a raffia bow.

I simply put the pot onto its side, slide the raffia underneath and tie a bow to cover up the rubber band. I’m just going to tidy it up by getting rid of these long pieces here. I’ll just stand it back up again. Now, it’s time to put in a few pebbles and that will help keep our tea light in place. Don’t fill it quite to the top. I’m popping the tea light in and then just put the few remaining pebbles around the candle to keep it in place. There we go – all we need to do now is light the candle.