Plants for rock gardens - Aubretia

12 plants for a rock garden

A rock garden is a stylish way to display your favourite alpine and other small plants. We recommend 12 to get you going.

A rock garden enables you to make an attractive display of small or alpine plants. It’s easy to create – all you need is a few large rocks or stones, free-draining soil and a mix of rockery plants. You can grow both sun- and shade-loving plants – the sun-loving plants can be grown in the foreground while the shade-loving plants can be grown in the shade cast by large rocks.

Alpine plants are native to mountainous regions, which are usually cold and dry – it’s these conditions that prevent the plants from growing tall. However, there are other small plants that are suitable for growing in rock gardens that are not necessarily alpines, and thrive in warmer conditions. Growing a mix of alpine and non-alpine plants makes for an attractive rock garden display.

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