Thrifty tips - saving seed

20 money-saving tips for gardeners

You needn't spend thousands on your garden. Browse our list of money-saving gardening tips and see how you could save.

Gardening needn’t be expensive. Indeed, there are many ways you can save money, from looking after your tools and swapping seeds and plants, to buying only discounted plants from the garden centre. But there are other, less obvious tricks to keep your pounds in check. Browse our list of the best ways to save money while keeping your garden blooming, below.


Buy bare-root plants

Thrifty tips - bare-root plants
Thrifty tips – bare-root plants

Bare-root plants are available in the dormant season only. They’re dug out of the ground when dormant and come without any soil or pot around the roots. They’re much cheaper to buy – saving you around 60 per cent compared to pot-grown plants. You can buy trees, shrubs and some perennials bare-root. They require a little extra care initially to help them establish, but are otherwise easy to plant and grow.

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