Dark-leaved dahlias offer a break from the standard green-leaved varieties with their intensely coloured foliage.


Not only do these dark leaves provide good contrast with green leaves nearby, but they also serve as a dramatic backdrop for the flowers, helping them to catch the eye.

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Discover seven of the best dark-leaved dahlias to grow, below.

'Magenta Star'

Dahlia 'Magenta Star'
Bright-pink, single blooms and bronze foliage of dahlia 'Magenta Star'

This cheery variety has single, pink flowers set against deep bronze foliage. With no extra petals or other parts to block the nectar and pollen, 'Magenta Star' will prove popular with pollinators.

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Height x spread: 150cm x 100cm.

'David Howard'

Dahlia 'David Howard'
Double, orange blooms of dahlia 'David Howard'

Atop the deep green-bronze foliage of 'David Howard' are held fiery orange double flowers. This compact variety is well-suited to large pots and containers.

H x S: 75 x 50cm.

'Happy Single Romeo'

Dahlia 'Con Amore'
Red flowers and dark foliage of dahlia 'Happy Single Romeo'

'Happy Single Romeo' is part of the Happy Single series, all of which are dwarf cultivars with dark foliage and single flowers. This member of the series has rich red blooms that are highly attractive to pollinators.

H x S: 60cm x 60cm.

'Wishes n Dreams'

Dahlia 'Wishes n Dreams'
Plum and pink, bicoloured dahlia 'Wishes n Dreams'

'Wishes n Dreams' is a dwarf variety with exquisite bicoloured flowers – the petals are pale pink flushed with a plum tone. Each bloom is studded with yellow centre comprised of many tiny florets. Very dark purple foliage provides excellent contrast.

H x S: 70cm x 30cm.

'Yellow Hammer'

Dahlia 'Yellow Hammer'
Dahlia 'Yellow Hammer' flower set against almost black foliage

Named after the brightly-coloured yellowhammer bird, 'Yellow Hammer' has bright, banana-coloured blooms held above incredibly dark, almost black foliage.

H x S: 85cm x 40cm.

'Joe Swift'

Dahlia 'Joe Swift'
Starry, white flowers of dahlia 'Joe Swift'

'Joe Swift' is a single, white-flowered variety named after the Gardeners' World programme presenter. The pale flowers have a lovely, starry quality that's particularly effective when viewed against the dark foliage.

H x S: 150cm x 40cm.


Apricot-lemon blooms of dahlia 'Sunshine', with coral-red centres and dark foliage
Apricot-lemon blooms of dahlia 'Sunshine' with coral-red centres and dark foliage

Also known as 'Moonfire', 'Sunshine' is an attractive single variety with apricot-coloured blooms and coral red centres. Green-leaved Calendula and nasturtium nearby provide extra contrast.


H x S: 70cm x 40cm.

Don't forget to feed

Dahlias are hungry plants and to get the best floral performance from them they'll need plenty of potash. Go for a potash-rich feed – a toma

to feed is ideal – and regularly deadhead blooms as they go over.