Fast-growing climbers - Clematis tangutica

Eight fast-growing climbers

Discover eight fast-growing climbers that will quickly cover a trellis, pergola, wall or fence.

Climbing plants are worth their weight in gold in the garden. Covering walls, fences and buildings, they can mask unsightly features and provide additional interest and wildlife value. They also take up very little soil space, enabling you to squeeze more plants into your plot.

There’s a wide variety of climbers to choose from, ranging from ‘true climbers’ that naturally have a climbing habit, to shrubs which can be trained to grow against a wall, given the correct pruning and support. Some are annual and will quickly cover a feature in a season, perhaps while you wait for a perennial climber or wall shrub to fill the space. Many climbers are self-clinging, meaning you don’t have to provide a structure for them, while others will need tying in.

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