Eunymous, bergenia and corokia pot display

Euonymus, bergenia and corokia pot display

Follow our step-by-step guide to planting up a winter display of euonymus, bergenia and corokia.

In winter, many plants that sit quietly in the background for much of the year step out from the shadows to deliver cheering colour when we most need it. In containers, these winter warmers can be given prominent temporary positions near doors or windows where they can be easily enjoyed. This striking winter combination is quick and easy to assemble and, because we’ve chosen reliable shrubs and perennials, is a colourful investment that will continue to bring pleasure for many seasons, whether potted on or planted out.

The evergreens gathered in this pot make a pleasing if understated contribution at any time of year, but the winter cold causes their foliage to dramatically change colour. The bergenia leaves turn a deep red, while the tips of the false cypress take on a burnished bronze hue, and the euonymus’s yellow-variegated foliage develops a reddish-pink flush. The corokia is more consistent in its colouring, but its wiry habit and drought tolerance make it ideal for living in a large container indefinitely.

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