Feeding plants in spring

Watch our short video guide to the best plant feeds and fertilisers to use in spring.

With the arrival of spring, plants put on an abundance of vigorous growth. In his practical video guide, David Hurrion explains which nutrients plants need to support this growth and the feeds and fertilisers that provide them.

A strong, healthy root system is vital for the uptake of water and nutrients and David shares advice on achieving this. He considers the additional benefits of fertilisers including organic blood, fish and bone, Vitax Q4 and pelleted, slow-release granules. David also reveals how to avoid an excess of soft, sappy growth which could be vulnerable to spring frosts.

Finally, he focuses on rose tonic, which can benefit a wide variety of plants and demonstrates the correct dilution rate.

Discover the best plant feeds to use in spring, in our video No Fuss Guide.