Cottage garden plants

Five plants for a cottage garden border

These five plants work well to create a small cottage garden planting scheme.

Cottage garden planting schemes combine a jumble of plants, informally planted with a mixture of different colours and forms. They tend to be better for pollinators than more modern planting schemes, as they feature single, open flowers. Many cottage garden planting schemes are designed for medium to large gardens, but these five plants are perfect for a smaller scheme, such as a border just 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft x 6ft).

For most of these plants, plant in blocks of three for maximum impact and ease of maintenance. Geraniums, however, should be planted singly to drift through the border as ground cover, linking other plants in the display. This small cottage garden display will peak in midsummer, but will look good from early to late in the season. Why not add spring and summer bulbs for extra interest? Extend the season for as long as possible with anything from snowdrops to gladioli.

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