Five top tips - growing cacti and succulents

Five top tips – cacti and succulents

Gynelle Leon shares her top tips for growing cacti and succulents

Gynelle Leon, owner of PRICK
Gynelle Leon

Cacti and succulents are adored for their interesting forms, structure and character. These traits have evolved over thousands of years as adaptations to survive warm, dry climates. As indoor plant owners, our aim is to try to replicate their natural environment to help them follow their natural rhythms, so they can grow and flourish in our homes. And even, all being well, provide beautiful flowers. Most people fail by over-watering cacti and succulents or not providing enough light. So here I share my five top tips for cacti and succulent care.

Gynelle is the owner of PRICK, a boutique dedicated to cacti and other succulents.

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