Fruit and veg

  • Check crops such as runner beans regularly for aphids, and rub or wash them off straight away, before they multiply 
  • Water thirsty plants such as celery, beans, peas, courgettes, pumpkins and tomatoes regularly
  • Make the last pickings of rhubarb and remove any flower spikes that start to form, cutting right down at the base
  • Thin out heavy crops of apples, pears and plums, and remove any malformed, damaged or undersized fruits
  • Prune plum trees in dry weather, when silver leaf fungal disease is less prevalent
  • Sow a last batch of peas and dwarf beans before mid-July for an autumn crop
  • Shorten sideshoots growing from the framework of trained fruit trees, reducing to about five leaves from their base
  • Water fruit trees and bushes, then lay a thick mulch of garden compost around their base to hold in moisture
  • Cover brassicas with fine netting to prevent cabbage white butterflies laying their eggs on the leaves
  • Peg down strawberry runners into pots of compost to root new plants
  • Pick courgettes regularly so they don't turn into marrows
  • Sow small batches of fast-maturing salad leaves, rocket and radishes every few weeks for continuous pickings
  • Cut down broad beans after harvesting, but leave the roots in the soil to release nitrogen as they decompose



Garden maintenance

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