Five top tips – designing a new garden

Landscape designer Jack Wallington shares his five top tips for designing a new garden

Portrait of Jack Wallington
Jack Wallington (Photographer – Christopher Lyon Anderson)

When you’re starting to think about designing your garden it’s best to step back and think about how you will use your space and the feel you’re aiming for. It’s better to think about the big vision before diving into choosing specific plants or items of furniture. This allows you to form a picture and theme in your head first, making sure the details complement one another, to achieve that designed, coherent look.

Think about your use of the space

A garden sofa
How do you want to use your space? – Jason Ingram

Many people get garden design wrong by not spending enough time thinking about how you will use your garden space. For instance, do you need an outdoor dining table or is your indoor table positioned near large french or bifold doors, making outdoor sofas a better alternative?

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