How to chit potatoes

Find out how to chit potatoes, in this video with Monty Don.

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Chitting potatoes is the process of breaking the dormancy of a potato tuber and encouraging it to grow shoots, before planting. This is said to increase yields of potato crops, particularly of first early potato varieties.

Start chitting potatoes from late January to February, roughly six weeks before planting them. On each seed potato, look for a rounded end with ‘eyes’, where shoots will sprout from. To chit potatoes, simply place the tubers ‘eyes up’ in an old egg box or similar container, in a light, frost-free room. The seed potatoes will start developing shoots within a couple of weeks – when they have reached around 2.5cm in length, they’re ready for planting.

Join Monty at Berryfields as he gives a definition of chitting potatoes and explains how chitting increases your potato crop.