How to create a drought-tolerant gravel border

How to create a drought-tolerant gravel border

Find out how to create a drought-tolerant gravel border, in our step-by-step guide.

A gravel border makes a fantastic informal space. Because there aren’t clear divides between the pathways and planting, it’s easy to get up close to what’s growing. This style of gardening is perfect for dry regions that receive little rainfall, as the plants used don’t need lots of moisture to thrive. It’s worth remembering that conditions for a dry garden aren’t just made by living in a dry area or having free-draining soil. The walls of your home, or a garden fence or wall, can produce a ‘rain shadow’ – a dry area where rain doesn’t fall.

Gravel gardens are suitable for any size of space and they work especially well in small areas, particularly if you’re thinking about replacing an area of lawn. You can even turn the whole of a small garden into a gravel garden. The gravel mulch around plants looks attractive and means you don’t need to plant them so tightly together. The overall look therefore has a looser feel, as you might find in nature.

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