How to create a wildlife garden (part 11)

Watch Monty plant some wildlife-friendly groundcover plants along the length of a hedge.

A table displaying which months are best to sow, plant and harvest.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
To do
To do

Do not To do in January

Do not To do in February

Do not To do in March

Do To do in April

Do To do in May

Do To do in June

Do To do in July

Do To do in August

Do To do in September

Do To do in October

Do not To do in November

Do not To do in December

Monty Don is continuing to develop his wildlife garden by planting wildlife-friendly ground cover in dry shade along the base of a hedge. Watch this Gardeners’ World guide to discover how to recreate Monty’s border in your own garden and pick up handy planting tips. He uses attractive shade-loving plants that offer shelter for wildlife and will suppress weeds as they spread over the soil – English ivy (Hedera helix), periwinkles (Vinca major and Vinca minor ‘Atropurpurea’), wood spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae) and white-flowered hardy geraniums (Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Spessart’). He also gets weed-suppressing help from Nigel the dog.