Primula auricula

How to grow auriculas

Find out all you need to know about growing auriculas in this detailed Grow Guide.

A table displaying which months are best to sow, plant and harvest.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Do not Plant in January

Do not Plant in February

Do not Plant in March

Do not Plant in April

Do Plant in May

Do Plant in June

Do Plant in July

Do Plant in August

Do Plant in September

Do not Plant in October

Do not Plant in November

Do not Plant in December


Plant does not flower in January

Plant does not flower in February

Plant does not flower in March

Plant does flower in April

Plant does flower in May

Plant does not flower in June

Plant does not flower in July

Plant does not flower in August

Plant does not flower in September

Plant does not flower in October

Plant does not flower in November

Plant does not flower in December


Do not Divide in January

Do not Divide in February

Do not Divide in March

Do not Divide in April

Do not Divide in May

Do not Divide in June

Do not Divide in July

Do Divide in August

Do Divide in September

Do Divide in October

Do Divide in November

Do not Divide in December

Auriculas are alpine plants, prized for their showy, jewel-like blooms and are traditionally displayed in individual pots on shelves in ‘theatres’.

Related to the common primula, auriculas have rosettes of semi-evergreen foliage topped by upright stems with circular flowers in bold colours. They come in a variety of colours and patterns with ornamental foliage that sometimes has a pale powdery dusting known as ‘farina’. There are many different types and cultivars that auricula fans collect avidly. These include show, alpine, double and border cultivars. Show types include green and grey-edged flowers, while alpines are either gold- or light-centred. The border types are less fussy and better suited to ordinary garden conditions.

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