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How to grow potatoes for Christmas

How to grow potatoes for Christmas

We show you how to grow delicious new potatoes for Christmas dinner.

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Growing Christmas potatoes is easier than you might think– you just need to plant them a little later than regular potatoes.

Some of the best new potatoes are grown from early and second early varieties, usually harvested in June and July. So, when planting in spring, save a few tubers for a later planting in summer, and you could be reaping the rewards at Christmas. Alternatively you can buy seed potatoes for Christmas in summer.

Follow our advice on growing Christmas potatoes, below.

Advice on buying Christmas potatoes

  • For best results,buy seed potatoes for Christmas from a reputable supplier, in summer
  • Choose Christmas seed potato varieties that you like eating – varieties like ‘Red Duke of York’ and ‘Charlotte’ are popular winter potatoes
  • Always check for signs of damage or disease before planting

Where to buy Christmas potatoes


You Will Need

  • Large pot or old compost bag
  • Multi-purpose, peat-free compost
  • Chitted seed potatoes

Total time:

Step 1

Fill a potato bag or large pot (at least 40cm wide) with peat-free, multi-purpose compost, until it’s two thirds full.

Adding compost to the bag
Adding compost to the bag

Step 2

Lightly firm the compost, then set three seed potato tubers on the surface, 20-30cm apart. Add more compost to just cover the tubers.

Planting the potatoes on the compost
Planting the potatoes on the compost

Step 3

Water well to soak the compost, then allow to drain, then place the container in a well-lit porch or greenhouse to start sprouting. When shoots appear, add a further layer of compost to cover them. Keep repeating this until the bag or pot is full.

Watering the planted potatoes
Watering the planted potatoes

Failing foliage?

Don’t worry if the foliage dies down, leave the spuds in the compost and they should keep well till Christmas.

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