Senecio candidans Angel Wings 'Senaw' is a new, unusual and eye-catching evergreen perennial with huge silvery or grey-white leaves. The leaf texture is soft, downy, almost velvety and irresistible to touch. This plant is all about foliage – yellow flowers may be borne, but rarely.

Angel Wings 'Senaw' originates from the Patagonian region of Chile in South America, close to the coast. It's therefore tolerant of salt winds and is ideal for coastal planting. Senecio Angel Wings 'Senaw' is moderately hardy, down to -5°C, but only suited to remaining outdoors all year in mild locations with good drainage and low rainfall. It's ideal for growing in a pot, though, which can be easily moved under cover from autumn to spring. This plant can be short-lived, especially if given too much moisture.

How to grow Senecio Angel Wings

Grow in the ground or in a pot, on any reasonable free-draining soil, placed where the velvety foliage can be touched and appreciated. Protect from excess rain and hard frosts.

Where to grow Senecio Angel Wings

How to grow Senecio candidans Angel Wings – senecio with contrasting plants

Free-draining soil is essential as silvery hairy-leaved plants are drought tolerant. They thrive in full sun but won’t tolerate moisture-retentive ground. Grow in a border, raised bed, rockery or in a pot. Allow plenty of room for the large leaves to develop: Senecio candidans Angel Wings 'Senaw' has a height and spread of 45cm. It's suitable for growing in coastal locations.

How to plant Senecio Angel Wings

How to grow Senecio candidans Angel Wings – senecio with contrasting plants

To grow outdoors year-round, plant in spring to establish before summer droughts and winter cold. Grow in free-draining soil. To grow in a pot, use a potting compost containing loam and mix in a third by volume of perlite or coarse grit to ensure the compost drains freely. Stand the pot on gravel or, if on paving, raise just off the ground so surplus water can run away.

Where to buy Senecio Angel Wings online

Caring for Senecio Angel Wings

How to grow Senecio candicans 'Angel Wings'

Newly planted Senecio candidans Angel Wings 'Senaw' in the ground should be watered during dry spells until established, when plants will be drought tolerant. In pots, water regularly to keep the compost evenly moist but take care not to overwater and ensure that any excess can drain easily away.

Once established, this plant is easy to grow and requires little care. Remove faded older leaves as they appear, otherwise the dead leaves could be a potential source of rot. Protect from excess rain, especially over the winter months, and in areas where temperatures drop below-5°C. Grow in a pot and move to a greenhouse, polytunnel, conservatory or porch for the winter.

How to propagate Senecio Angel Wings

Take cuttings of young shoots in late summer. Divide established plants in early spring or early to autumn, taking care to separate sections so each one has plenty of roots and top growth.

Growing Senecio Angel Wings: problem solving

Senecio candidans Angel Wings 'Senaw' is trouble-free to grow, provided it is given the correct growing conditions. Avoid planting on soil that is high in nutrients which would cause lots of weak and floppy leaves to be produced. Excess rain and soil moisture causes plants to weaken, rot and die so be sure to provide protection from heavy rain, especially in winter.

Advice on buying Senecio Angel Wings

  • Small 9cm pots are available online, you may find larger pots at garden centres in summer
  • Check that you have the right conditons for growing Senecio – they need very free-draining soil

Where to buy Senecio candidans Angel Wings online