Cerastium tomentosum, is an easy to grow, herbaceous perennial. It forms an attractive mat of silvery/grey foliage making it a very effective ground cover option. In late spring/early summer, a mass of white flowers emerge – hence the common name, snow in summer.


How to grow snow in summer

Snow in summer is best grown as a ground cover plant, working particularly well in gravel or rock gardens, or even growing out of gaps in stone walls. It is a particularly drought-tolerant plant and is easy to grow. It can spread very easily so may need some management, such as removing runners and removing flower heads before seeds drop.

Where to grow snow in summer

Snow in summer. Getty Images.
Snow in summer. Getty Images.

Grow snow in summer in full sun ideally, it prefers dry conditions and is an excellent drought-tolerant plant. A well-draining soil is crucial, damp or poorly draining soil may result in fungal problems or root rot.

It is a ground cover plant, and will produce a mat of foliage so is useful for filling dry, sunny spots and gravel gardens. It can also be grown in gaps within stone walls. Snow in summer is fast spreading, and can become invasive. To control the spread of the plant, remove flower stems once flowering has finished, and before seeds are dropped. It also spreads by producing runners.

How to care for snow in summer

Snow in summer is easy to care for, with little maintenance required. Ensure that it's growing in a sunny spot, in well-draining soil, and it will flourish – just be aware that it does spread quickly so may need controlling if you don't want it to take over.

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How to propagate snow in summer

Snow in summer can be divided immediately after the plant has finished flowering. Simply lift the plant out of the ground, divide into sections using a spade and replant each section, keeping each new plant well watered until established. You may also find new plants as a result of self-seeding or runners, you can lift these and plant them in another part of your garden.

You can grow snow in summer from seed, simply sow seed directly into the ground in the spring, and seeds should germinate in two to three weeks. The new plants won't flower until the second year of growth.


Pests and diseases

Snow in summer does not typically suffer from any pests and diseases, however if grown in damp conditions it can be susceptible to fungal issues or root rot.

Advice on buying Cerastium tomentosum

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  • Always check plants for signs of damage or disease before planting

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