How to grow trees from seed - labelling the seed

How to grow trees from seed

We show you how to grow your own trees from seed.

A table displaying which months are best to sow, plant and harvest.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Do not Sow in January

Do not Sow in February

Do not Sow in March

Do not Sow in April

Do not Sow in May

Do not Sow in June

Do not Sow in July

Do not Sow in August

Do not Sow in September

Do Sow in October

Do Sow in November

Do not Sow in December

Trees are the perfect plant, providing a focal point in the garden while absorbing and storing carbon, as well as providing food and homes for wildlife. A well-placed tree will provide shade in summer while letting light filter through to flowering bulbs in spring. Planting a tree in your garden will provide a fantastic focal point, autumn colour and even winter interest, while contributing to the ‘forest’ of garden trees across the country.

Growing trees from seed is an easy and rewarding job. The perfect activity for children, you can sow a variety of different types of tree for planting out in a few years time, helping to teach kids how to identify tree seeds and how trees grow.

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