How to look after a terrarium - watering terrarium plants

How to look after a terrarium

Terrariums make a striking addition to a house plant display. But how do you care for them? We show you.

Terrariums, or bottle gardens, are mess-free and easy to care for, creating little landscapes for house plants that are both calming and therapeutic. They’re easy to make, look perfect on a desk or coffee table and make excellent gifts.

How to look after a terrarium

Terrariums are fairly low maintenance and the plants growing inside them will largely look after themselves. Closed jars will create their own ecosystem and even become self-watering. Where you keep your terrarium is crucial for the plants’ survival, so it’s worth paying attention to the light requirements of each plant before planting them together. Humidity can also be an issue, with some plants requiring dry environments and others needing constant humidity.

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