How To Make a Herb Napkin Ring

How to make a herb napkin ring

Create an aromatic napkin ring using garden herbs like rosemary and bay.

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These aromatic herb napkin rings are ideal for a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

To make ours, we used evergreen herbs like bay and rosemary, as well as colourful crab apples. You could make them even more Christmassy by swapping out some or all of these plants for things like holly, ivy and mistletoe.

For more Christmas makes, why not have a go at this Christmas star decoration or a contemporary Christmas wreath.

Follow these easy steps to create your own herb napkin rings.

You will need

  • Three crab apples with stalks attached
  • Two rosemary stems
  • One bay leaf
  • Green florist wire, 0.46mm/26swg diameter
  • Red ric rac ribbon, 60cm length

Total time:

Step 1

Bring the ends of a rosemary stem together to form a circle, then secure with wire. Place it around your rolled napkin.


Step 2

Wrap the stems of a bay leaf, crab apples and a sprig of rosemary with wire. Cover with ribbon and tuck into the napkin.



Other (not necessarily edible) plants you could use