How to plant a flowering evergreen shrub

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Spring is a good time to plant flowering evergreen shrubs like this Daphne odora, in mild conditions.

Daphnes aren’t the only flowering evergreens you could plant. Others include the bottle brush plant, Callistemon citrinusa richly scented Pittosporum tobira, or a shade-suited strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo). Mulch with compost after planting, but avoid stem rot by making sure soil or mulch does not cover the main stem.

Discover how easy it is to plant a flowering evergreen shrub, in just three steps, below.

You will need

Flowering evergreen shrub

Multi-purpose compost


Total time:

Step 1

Dig a hole that is 50% wider than the pot and fork compost into the base, making sure the hole depth equals the depth of the pot.


Step 2

Soak the plant before planting and soak the hole too, making both thoroughly wet.


Step 3

Place the plant in the centre and turn it to display its best side before backfilling with soil and firming in thoroughly.