With their beautiful blooms, Anemone coronaria 'De Caen Group' are one of the highlights of spring. They are known as florist anemones as they make wonderful cut flowers.


The claw-like corms can be planted in borders, but are ideal grown in large containers. You can enjoy several months of colour by planting the corms at different times – in April for June and July flowers, in June for September flowers, and in September and October for late winter and early spring blooms (they will need some protection over winter - a cold frame is ideal).

Here's how to plant florist anemone corms.

You will need:

  • Anemone de Caen corms
  • Large pot
  • Multi-purpose, peat-free compost
  • Bucket of water
  • Horticultural grit

Step 1:

Soak the corms in tepid water overnight to rehydrate them and encourage root growth.

Soaking the anemone tubers

Step 2:

Plant about 8cm deep in pots or troughs of multipurpose compost. Space the corms 10-15cm apart.

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Planting the anemone tubers

Step 3:

Mulch the surface with horticultural grit to stop weeds sprouting and to discourage mice and squirrels.

Mulching the compost with horticultural grit

What to do after flowering

After flowering, the tubers can be lifted and dried for replanting. Alternatively they may be left in the soil permanently, when they will flower annually in spring.