Many house plants can be split, or divided into sections and repotted to give you new plants for free. These plants have a sturdy ball of roots at the base of several stems. To divide them you need to remove the plant from its pot and split the clump into sections, which you pot up individually.


House plants that can be divided into clumps:

• Ferns
• Mother-in-law’s tongue

Find out how to propagate house plants from division, below.

You Will Need

  • Ferns
  • Calathea
  • Mother-in-law's-tongue
  • House plant compost
  • A saw or bread knife

Step 1

Dividing houseplants - finding the natural gap in the clump
Dividing house plants - finding the natural gap in the clump

Pull the stems to the sides, so you can see where there is a natural gap between them.

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Step 2

Dividing houseplants - removing the plant from the pot
Dividing house plants - removing the plant from the pot

Squeeze the pot then tease the plant out.

Step 3

Dividing houseplants - cutting the clump in half with a saw
Dividing house plants - cutting the clump in half with a saw

Use a clean saw or bread knife to cut through the roots, where you noticed the gap in the stems. Ensure each clump of stems has lots of roots attached.

Step 4

Dividing houseplants - replanting the divisions
Dividing house plants - replanting the divisions

Put each off-cut into a new pot full of the same type of compost as they were in previously. Water thoroughly.