Oriental poppy

How to propagate oriental poppies

Find out how to take root cuttings from oriental poppies in five easy steps.

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Oriental poppies are a stunning addition to a border and are easy to propagate by taking root cuttings.

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They make perfect candidates for this propagation method as it exploits the plant’s propensity to reproduce itself from every scrap of root left behind when plants are moved. Once most fleshy rooted plants are established it is impossible to eliminate them.

Once you have planted up your cuttings and new shoots have emerged, wait a little longer (new roots are made just after new shoots), pot individually and plant out when they’ve formed a good root system.

Here’s how to take root cuttings from oriental poppies.

You will need

  • Established oriental poppy
  • Sharp knife
  • Multi-cell tray
  • Seed compost
  • Horticultural grit

Step 1

Lift a clump of the oriental poppy that you want to take cuttings from or just scrape away the soil around the roots.


Step 2

Trim off a good section of the roots with a knife.


Step 3

Cut the root into short lengths (around 2.5cm) and push these vertically into a seed tray, of compost, thick end up.


Step 4

Cover the seed tray with a thin layer of grit to improve drainage and water well.


Step 5

Wait until new shoots have emerged and formed new roots, before potting up singly.