Propagating phlox

How to propagate phlox

Save money on buying new plants by taking phlox cuttings. We show you how.

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Root cuttings of phlox can be taken before the plants start to send up their spring shoots. 

Use plants dug up from the garden or pot-grown specimens. Place the pots of cuttings in a cold frame, where they’ll root and grow into new young plants by midsummer. 

Other plants to take root cuttings from at this time of year include rhus, mint, Japanese anemones and Primula denticulata. Take a look at this quick guide to root cuttings for full advice. 

Discover how to propagate phlox from root cuttings, below. 

Root cuttings of phlox can be taken before the plants start to send up their spring shoots. 

You will need

  • Sharp knife
  • Large pots
  • Gritty compost mix made from equal parts grit or perlite and potting compost
  • Label and pencil
  • Horticultural grit

Total time:

Step 1

Remove a few of the largest roots, as close to the base of the stem as possible, where’s there’s plenty of tissue ready to produce shoots.


Step 2

Make the cuttings about 4cm long and take a nick out of the base (the end furthest from the root tip) so you know which way up they should be planted.


Step 3

Insert the full lengths of root vertically into firmed compost, nicked end at the top, then cover with a good layer of grit and water in. Each cutting should produce a shoot in spring. 



Improving phlox blooms

Have a go at improving the flowering performance of phlox by carrying out the ‘Chelsea chop’. In late May, use sharp, clean secateurs to cut back the stems, making a sloping cut just above a leaf joint.