How to sow your free dahlia seeds – Six Months of Seeds

Grow dazzling dahlia Mignon Mixed from the free seed in our February 2021 subscriber edition of BBC Gardeners' World Magazine.

A table displaying which months are best to sow, plant and harvest.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Do not Sow in January

Do Sow in February

Do Sow in March

Do Sow in April

Do not Sow in May

Do not Sow in June

Do not Sow in July

Do not Sow in August

Do not Sow in September

Do not Sow in October

Do not Sow in November

Do not Sow in December


Plant does not flower in January

Plant does not flower in February

Plant does not flower in March

Plant does not flower in April

Plant does not flower in May

Plant does flower in June

Plant does flower in July

Plant does flower in August

Plant does flower in September

Plant does flower in October

Plant does not flower in November

Plant does not flower in December

Dahlias are hugely popular with good reason. They’re easy to grow and flower reliably over a long season – often right up to the first frosts – and they’re invaluable in late-summer planting schemes.

Dahlia Mignon Mixed is a low-growing variety that bears bold, yellow-centred blooms in a range of dazzling colours. It works particularly well in pots and containers and provides a generous supply of pollen for bumblebees. Put it to the test by sowing the free Mignon Mixed seeds that come with your subscriber edition of our February 2021 issue.

Your February issue also includes free seeds of a gorgeous pink Echinacea, Large Flowered. Here’s our video sowing guide.

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Six Months of Seeds – February extras

Find out how to sow your free dahlia seeds in our practical video guide, below.


You Will Need

  • Dahlia seeds
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Pots
  • Sieve
  • Pencil or dibber
  • Plant label
  • Watering can with rose attachment

Step 1

Pour multi-purpose compost into a small pot. Gently tamp it level about 1cm below the rim, to leave room for watering.

Step 2

Place the seeds about 30cm apart on the surface. Cover lightly with more compost, ideally using a sieve to remove any lumps. Label your pot.

Step 3

Water using a small watering can with a rose, so the seeds are not dislodged. Place in a warm spot and keep the compost just moist.

Step 4

Pricking out

Once your seedlings have germinated, gather some slightly larger pots, fresh multi-purpose compost and a dibber. Fill one new pot with compost.

Step 5

Holding a seedling by a leaf, use the dibber to lever it out of the compost, taking care to bring all of the roots with it.

Step 6

Make a hole for each seedling in the new pot, several centimetres apart, then lower in the seedlings. Firm them in and don’t forget to label your pot.

Step 7

Water your seedlings in using a watering can with a rose attachment.


Coming up – more free seeds

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