Cleaning greenhouse panels

How to spring clean your greenhouse

Check out our advice on how to wash, brush and clear your greenhouse, in time for spring.

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Winter’s a great time to clean your greenhouse to get rid of any lurking pests and diseases before the growing season begins.

It’s likely to contain fewer plants now than at any other time of year, so clearing out will be easier, plus there aren’t as many other jobs in the garden demanding your time.

Choose a day that is dry, sunny and calm and remove all your plants, tools and other items. Cover tender plants with fleece so they don’t suffer in the cold outdoors.

Open the door and use maximum ventilation to let water evaporate as quickly as possible.

Get set for spring with our advice on how to spring clean your greenhouse.

Winter's a great time to clean your greenhouse to get rid of any lurking pests and diseases.

You Will Need

  • Gloves
  • Watering can or hose
  • Stiff brush or vacuum
  • Bucket of warm water and diluted detergent
  • Mop or broom
  • Pressure washer (optional)

Total time:

Step 1

Clear out the guttering by running a gloved hand along it, and add the debris to your compost bin. Sluice with water from a watering can or hose, and check the fall pipe isn’t blocked.


Step 2

Brush or vacuum all the dirt and debris from the greenhouse frame, staging and floor.  Pay particular attention to corners, nooks and crannies, where pests and diseases tend to lurk.


Step 3

Wash down the windows, both inside and out, to let in as much light as possible. This will benefit overwintering plants, as well as seedlings in spring. Be careful never to lean on the glass.


Step 4

Wash down staging and floor. A pressure washer is ideal for this job, but you could also use a hose, or a bucket of detergent and a mop or broom. Clear out any debris, then let the floor dry out in the sun.