How to use colour in the garden - clashing plant combinations

How to use colour in the garden

Follow our guide to using colour to create beautiful border displays using colour perfect plant combinations.

Understanding colour, and where to deploy it for best effect, will transform your garden from a jumbled mess into a perfectly designed palette, worthy of a Show Garden. Green is a fail-safe colour in the garden, as it naturally brings a scheme together, but it’s the other shades that really bring out the personality of a plot.

Even the most flamboyant designs sometimes require a modicum of taming to ensure that colour schemes are strong, rather than chaotic. Using the colour wheel to select hues that complement or contrast will allow you to change the feel of your garden. You can create moods for different areas – calming, soft colours for a quiet spot, and vibrant, hot colours to enliven and push you onwards around your garden. Colour is never wrong; we all see it differently and how you use it to please you is your choice. But keep in mind the benefits of the colour wheel and you will be amazed at the results.

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