Christmas lights on trees

Ideas for festive lighting

Use outdoor lighting to bring festive cheer to your garden at night time.

Bring your garden to life as night falls, using lighting to add sparkle for the festive season and beyond. You can keep things simple with battery-operated lights, which are perfect for a small, quick fix. Alternatively, if you want a larger festive display or something more permanent, then consider mains-powered products.

As a rule, ice-white lights are blue-ish and provide a modern, contemporary look, while warm-white lights are yellow-toned, creating a more traditional feel.

Solar-powered lights have improved in recent years and most perform well in low winter light levels, although their glow will be a little dimmer than a battery or mains-powered product. Candle-lit lanterns are great for a fast transformation of a party space. As winter nights draw in, lighting gives your garden seasonal sparkle and atmosphere.

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