Plant up a chimney pot container

Find out how to pot up an old chimney, to use as an alternative container.

Pots and containers filled with an array of plants are an ideal way to bring a splash of colour to patios and seating areas. They’re great for small gardens and can also be dropped into borders that are looking a little lacklustre, to add instant interest. However, large, attractive pots can be expensive to buy. All sorts of objects can be repurposed into containers for plants, but it can sometimes be difficult to know the best way to do it.

In this No Fuss video guide, Kevin Smith, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, uses an old chimney to make an alternative container display. Follow his guide and learn how to make your own.

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Plant up a chimney pot container: transcript

It’s possible to use virtually anything for a container. I’ve seen butler sinks, wellington boots and even toilets, all stuffed with plants. I’ve got a chimney pot here and I’m going to use it as a planter.

The first thing you need to do is find a plastic plant pot. You want one that will just slot into the top and sit comfortably in there. Now, I’ve put a few bricks in the main body of the chimney that actually gives the plant pot something to sit on and also means that it’s nice and sturdy. First of all, I’m just going to add a little bit of multi-purpose compost to my pot. Now, I’m going to add in my first plant. It’s called a ribbon fern. It’s got
a really curious habit and it’s really full of texture and interest. Put it right in the middle and I’m just going to add a little bit more compost in there.

Next, I’ve got some of these little trailing ivys. Now, you often find with these that there are several little plants, all in one pot. So I’m just going to split them up, into individual plants and then place them around the edge of the fern, so that they trail over the edge. And then in turn, they will also trail over the edge of the chimney. I’m just going to go all the way round until there’s English ivy all around the edge.

So my plastic pot is fully planted now and all I need to do is slot it into the chimney. I think that looks great. The fern’s providing a little bit of height, while the ivy trails over the edge. This is perfect for a shady spot.