Potting on plants

Rosie Yeoman shows you how easy it is to pot on plants, here a scented leaf pelargonium, to encourage the growth of new roots and shoots.

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Potting on plants in containers is a key part of growing them, whether they’re to be planted in the ground at a later time, or if they’re staying in the pot indefinitely. Rosie Yeomans guides you through this easy process, which will prevent your plants from being pot-bound, and ensure they have plenty of room to grow.

Potting on plants: transcript

This lemon-scented pelargonium is perfect for repotting now. It’s a really lovely, bushy plant. If I look into the middle of it, it’s got about five shoots coming right from the base. It’s going to make a fantastic display. But let me show you how to pot it on.

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