Potting up plug plants

Alan Titchmarsh demonstrates the easy process of potting up plug plants.

Unsure what to do with the tiny plug plants you’ve received through the post? Alan Titchmarsh has all the information and advice you need to ensure your plug plants grow and thrive. Here he demonstrates how to pot up pansy and primula plug plants. He shows how to get plug plants out of the trays they are delivered in. And explains how to choose the right size pots and compost for your plug plants, in this No Fuss Guide.

Pot up plug plants

Plug plants in trays and pots
Plug plants in trays and pots

Still feeling unsure? Follow our step-by-step guide to potting up your plug plants, including how to hold your plug plants to make sure you don’t damage them.

Grow on plug plants

Alan Titchmarsh unpacking plug plants

Once your plug plants are potted up, what do you do next? Alan has all the advice you need to help your tiny plants thrive. Find out how to identify when your plants need water, so your plants don’t shrivel up or drown and rot. He explains how to harden off your plants, and how and when you can plant them out in the garden. Plus, he explains the different sizes of plug plant, so you know the difference between mini plugs, standard plugs and jumbo plugs.

More advice

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