Colourful cacti container display

Cactus container display

Watch this quick video guide to planting up a container with colourful cactus plants.

Potted up with a colourful blend of different cactus plants, this container display is wonderfully low-maintenance, with very little required in the way of watering, feeding and general care. Better still, as the cacti are slow-growing, they can remain in place for several years before you need to repot them.


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Find out more about how we planted up this colourful cacti container display and how to care for it, below.

The plants we used

Mixed cactus

Mixed cacti container display
Mixed cacti container display

Sourcing the cacti used in this container display is simple. We used a six-pack of cacti, each differing in size, colour and form. Visit your local nursery or garden centre and pick a selection of small cacti that works for you.

Caring for cactus plants

Once you have planted your pot, place it in a sunny area of the garden or on a windowsill at home. Ensure the container doesn’t become waterlogged. The decorative pea gravel mulch helps to ensure water doesn’t sit around base of the cacti, which would make them more likely to rot.

Water this container no more than once a week and stop watering altogether between November and March. Always check the compost before watering – if it feels moist then leave it another week before adding more water.

If keeping your container outside, remember that cacti aren’t frost hardy, so you’ll need to find a frost-free spot for it over winter. You can then move it back outdoors for the warmer months after all risk of frost has passed. Alternatively, keep it on a sunny windowsill all year round.


Planted at any time of year, this container will look good for several years, without needing much attention. At some point you’ll need to think about giving each cactus more space to grow, by potting it on separately into gritty compost.