Sowing sweet pea seeds

David Hurrion demonstrates his easy method of sowing sweet peas in cellular trays or Rootrainers, which can be done in autumn or spring.

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Growing sweet peas is one of the best ways to provide your garden with quick colour and fragrance. Sown in autumn or early spring, you can expect beautiful blooms by summer. Not only is the process simple and speedy, but you can also use this method for sowing ordinary garden peas.

Sowing sweet peas: transcript

These are best sown individually into their own cellular trays and I like to use these deep Rootrainers because, once you’ve filled them with compost, you’ve got a greater depth of compost for the roots to go down. Because the sweet peas, if you sow them in autumn or in early spring, because they’re going to be in these containers for
a long time, you want them to make lots of good, penetrative root growth. So, sweet peas and ordinary garden peas can be sown in exactly the same way.

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